FBI Confirms: As Far as We Know, No AR-15 Used in Navy Yard Shooting
Speaking before the press this afternoon, the Federal Bureau of Investigations confirmed that, despite early reports, current information indicates that there was no semi-automatic AR-15 rifle used in the Washington Navy Yard shootings that left 12 people dead. According to the agency’s investigation, deceased shooter Aaron Alexis entered the building armed with a shotgun and somehow obtained a handgun while inside the facility.

Sadly people were killed by the whack ball Negro.. But the Communist News Networks in our country and Piers Morgan cannot wait to tell everyone he used a AR-15.. Capable of firing over one million rounds a second. Also referred to as an assault weapon.. Does anyone know what an assault weapon is?
Piers, why do you have armed security not only at your home, but everywhere you go. Thought you do not like guns? You want them but we can't have them, am I understanding that correctly? Sorry bit off topic their..