But until the black leadership addresses the black on black and black on white crime, statistically way out of proportion to the % representation in the society, then all is lost.
If you say something about it, you are labelled as a racist.

the government IMO is breading the criminal element we have today an its not just blacks its all grops who are raised in single parent house holds on low income . many of these people family values died two generations ago. I have seen Oakland an Chicago up close as well as some of Milwaukee . there is no way in hell to get out of those places. a kid in a third world country might be better off . Most oif there parents wont support there trying hard as they never had to . some of the people in those areas can barely speak a enough english to even go to a job interview an english is there first language . Its all races .

I was helping a guy do a flooring job in a section 8 housing area last year an this guy who was about 20 game up wiht his pants half around his knees an siad somthing like 5 times repeatign it slower each time we asked WTF he was saying . he was saying do you need any help in his idea of english . it sounded like he had a mouth full of dog crap . I looked at my buddy he looked at me an he said I have know clue what he saying ? it took him 5 tires or more to say a simple sentence he might have got a job packing carpet if he could speak any language that was recognizable . We had to litteraly hire a Mexican to guard the truck while we were in the house working . at least he could be under stood an he wasent speaking english .

There is a whole sub culture of uneducated drug hazed idiots being bred that some how manage to vote . its like in the movie were the mutants are living under ground waiting to rise an take over .