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Thread: Chicken McNuggets Secret Ingrediants

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprat View Post
    I don't eat that fast food junk, even if I am starving

    4th is right its solent green or is it solent red today, I thought wednesday was solent red day
    Solyent red or brown Sprat.. Red and brown food coloring is one of the ingredients.
    For real, kudos to Chef Jamie Oliver.. Took him a year of investigation to get a film out for his investigation and You Tube viewing..
    He had heard of the "Ammonia Wash" to kill bacteria.. But for good reason, one can bet the manufacturing company did not want cameras in their.. Someone got him out pictures and the rest is history..

    Did Mickey Ds sue him? Hell no, last thing they wanted was court.. Thank you Jamie Oliver..

    Chef Oliver is not just picking on Mickey Ds now.. He is trying to tell Americans "Pink Slime" is in most all our ground beef.. Maybe in a supermarket near you..
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    back in the day and even today still we butcher a nice feeder calf for the deep freezer.

    they make very good burgers. -- one if the things i find "interesting" is that you can fry a burger one day and put in the frig overnight and the next day is is just like it was just cooked. still tastes like a steak even.

    grocery store hamburger though -- fry up a burger then put it in the frige overnight and it is hard and turns dark looking-- sort of like a hockey-puck.

    damn sure something 'chemical" going on.

    no telling what their putting in there--embalming fluid?

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