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Thread: I got an add in the mail this past week for the Mossberg tac 22

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    i think a conversion upper would be the way to go for an AR-22 .

    at one time JSE had the barrels and bolts to do a 22lr upper.

    lately i haven't been shooting much .22 seeing it is as expensive as 9mm--LOL!

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    Buy the Ruger 10-22 an shoot it as is or add every zombie dodad you want or make it a target gun with a heavy barrel an what not .

    I have 4 10-22 they all shoot great / two are bone stock aside from a extended mag release thats stock on the new ones an scopes an they shoot great. My son an i use them for bunnys an what not as carry guns , an two with boyd stocks an heavy barrels giant scopes . there tack drivers with very littel modifications still running stock triggers
    we use them for prairie dogs out to 300 yards ( yes I said 300 yards ) an there deadly out to 100 yards you can shoot the clothes pins holding the target up.

    keep the chambersan actions clean an they work as intended . the new 25 round rugger mags work great no issues onthe two I have they wrok in every gun .

    the 10 rounders work well an are flush fitting unlike some other guns .

    There might be better 22 rifles out there but the after market for the rugger makes up for it if there is . None oif that new stuff intrets me other than it might look cool. I considered doing a custom 22 lr AK an could not really see a reason other than it was a AK to go with my real ones .

    Honestly Im suprised that there are mot more Ruger 10-22 knock offs being built . seems like some foreign company would make clones an sell them .

    If you got cash buy a Volquartsen there as good as it gets . IMO My buddy has a 17 HMR in stainless with Ziess Optics it will but 5 insie a dime an not break the rim of the dime at 50 yards seen it done multipul times . Im sure there 22lr version is very good.

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