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    Default armed and dangerous

    I finally got my concealed carry permit. I did it for political reasons, not for self-defense. I've been carrying for the last few months.

    So, I'm walking around with a loaded firearm, went through the training course, licensed by the state. If I had to take a course and buy a permit to exercise my Constitutional right to vote, people would scream "Jim Crow law!" and every civil rights organization in the country would be all over that like politicians on money.

    Yet in my city of residence, my Leatherman tool is still an illegal weapon, since there is an ordinance prohibiting knives with blades more than 2-7/8" long. I can buy a license to carry a gun, but knives are clearly too dangerous for people to carry, even with a background check, training, and license.

    Yet while I can carry a gun, the state doesn't recognize any intermediate levels of force between fisticuffs and shooting someone. If you pick up a stick and hit someone with it, it legally becomes a "club", which is an illegal weapon.

    Yet I can carry my gun into my bank, but they have a sign telling me to remove my hat or leave.

    Yet though it's the Federal government that guarantees my right to keep and bear arms, I'm not allowed to carry on most Federal property.

    If nothing else, being an armed citizen is entertaining...
    Perge, scelus, mihi diem perficias.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRX View Post
    If I had to take a course and buy a permit to exercise my Constitutional right to vote,
    I think you might have stumbled on to something here...
    "What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance?" -Thomas Jefferson-

    "Our rights come from our humanity and may not be legislated away -- not by a vote of Congress, not by the consensus of our neighbors, not even by agreement of all Americans but one." Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

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    In Florida, we don't have 'Concealed Pistol Permits'. We have a 'Concealed Weapon or Firearm License'. SwitchBlades, Brass Knuckles, Slaps and Saps, Daggers and Dirks, Pistols and Revolvers. It's all good.

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