Munden could not only quick draw, he could hit targets... 2/100 of a second.. That is faster than a speeding train..
True, Sammy Davis was the pistolero of the "Rat Pack" guys.. Frank Sinatra never got into it, he just had his bodygurards beat the dog piss out of anyone bothered him.

The Fastest Gun Of The Rat Pack
A longtime gun owner and fast-draw competitor, Davis was a frequent guest star on Western TV shows such as “The Rifleman,” “Zane Grey Theatre” and “Wild, Wild West.” Like many Hollywood actors frequenting the Western genre, Davis had custom holsters specially made by Arvo Ojala to fit his single-action revolvers. His nickel-plated Colt revolver, engraved with his name on the backstrap, was modified for the fast-draw sport with an especially contoured hammer and a light trigger pull. Shortly after Davis’ death in 1990, this revolver was sold to a Hollywood gun shop, and in 2011 it was donated to the National Firearms Museum.