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IMO Jesse Jackoff who has cheated on his wife an raised a criminal son has zero ground to stand on IMO .

He has likely cause more hate between blacks an whites than most any one else . How people take him seriously is a mystery to me . Trying to bring rosa parks bus driver into to this is asinine.

I know lots of happy blacks also. I have also worked with black who were happy in what they did .
Follow the money. $$$$$. Never ever has Jackoff ever missed an opportunity to line his own pockets.. Never..
He, Shartoon, Nappy, the Arab Prosecutor, were the whole reason for the Zimmerman debacle down here.
Certain "types" of humans need word association to stir their blood up.. Bringing Rosa into the debate, got those people involved..
Jessie never ever misses and opportunity to make money, for himself of-course.. Once he flaps those lips, passes the hat, gets some pictures, off in his limo and private jet to await the next non event.
Slowly, ever so slowly, some smart Blacks are catching on.. He is a self mongering, self centered, could care less if the world ended. Just don't loose that hat aye Jessie? Smart guy actually, just stupid people listen to him.