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Thread: crystal ball for 2014??

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    Cool crystal ball for 2014??

    what i see looming for 2014 --

    obama care --mass confusion on what and who is covered and initially low prices due to government subsidies with prices increasing drastically as the economic problems start to kick in.

    sort of like one of those direct TV offers --$19.99 for the first three months and 300 channels including movies and sports--

    after that $90 a month for 60 junk channels and extra charges for movies or sports channels.

    i saw a woman on the national news going on about how obama care helped her-- she was paying $1,500 a month now she is paying only $400!

    good for her right now --but how long before she ends up right back on $1,500 a month? right now the US government is paying that additional $1,100 out of social security/medicare. if this is the bulk of the new folks on obamacare how is the system going to work paying out over $1,400 and only taking in $400???

    the iran deal -- i doubt we make it through 2014 before they go back and build a nuke.

    syria --more furbar by the minute.

    iraq sides more with the fundamentalist--iran exerts its control over the region.

    afgan begins to dance with al-quaida and the taliban. iran gains in the region.

    the economy -- not as bad as some were expecting, the phony wall-street paper puffed economic figures are still a lie but the oil industry has sort of kept the entire house of cards from falling. oil exports are keeping us afloat for now anyway. the boat is still leaking but oil is sort of keeping us from gaining water--were awash but we ain't sunk--yet.

    inflation is still going to be bad --i expect `10% to 100% price increase in some commodities, other low demand items will be flat. expect food and energy about 10% overall. imported goods will go up more due to the still falling dollar.

    the USA overall a big ???

    the administration is going to show even more corruption,lawlessness, disregard for the constitutional rights of its citizens while trying to expand its power over the citizens unconstitutionally. and it is going to greatly expand the deficit and the debt of the US. probably to the tune of $200,000 for every man woman and child in the USA.

    i suspect our "world power" days are over. were going to see the obama administration dance to chinas fiddle tune.

    more inflated numbers from wall street --you see you can borrow and borrow, then inflate the price and borrow some more--then print more paper and borrow again--like having the keys to the bank---

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    Good Lord,,Who To Hell Knows???? Anything could happen at this rate, just don't be surprised by anything,,I sure won't.

    So on that note,,a New PPS43 x25 already built,, w/2500 rounds more to add to the pile and a unissued kit with most of the 9mm conversion stuff to build it,and an extra 10 mags,,,,,in route!!!

    Shit two more can't hurt, I guess???? Right?

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    Oh well,
    Happy New Year.
    Pull up your pants, turn off that damn rap and speak clear English, if you want to talk to me.

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