Holiday Heat wave and seafood
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Thread: Holiday Heat wave and seafood

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    Default Holiday Heat wave and seafood

    Was in the 80s(!!!) here this past couple weeks or so. Great freediving weather. Havent gotten to tinker or get any range/wilderness time in a while, so i've been hitting the water spearfishing as often as i can. Heres a small taste of the fare...

    Sheephead, makes great Ceviche!

    One of the Lobsters I grabbed while spearfishing. Tasty little SOB!

    Couple of Halfmoon's..these guys make terrific tacos. My daughter was so excited washing the sand off them.

    This was from late November, Made a helluva fish fry with them!

    and lastly, I got a gopro camera for xmas, heres a mash of a days dive.

    Hope everyone has been having a great holiday season. Bellson, You ever want to go hit the water, maybe we can get JRS out and get him in touch with his amphibious roots! ;-)

    Cheers all,
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    What a cute kid Travis,, she's adorable and looks like a corker. She looks very much like one of my daughters when she was that age. There awesome at that age,,just so full of it and interested in everything going on !! Bet she's got ya wrapped around her little finger! My Daughters did with me!!!

    Our "heat wave" consisted of it breaking out of the single digits and below here,,
    Rub it in ya bugger,, it won't hit 80 here again for 5 months probably,, I don't even want to hear it!! Were fishing on 8-9" of ice right now and pulling gills,crappie, perch and seeds,,

    Happy new year to ya,,, now go lay in the NICE WARM SAND!!!! #@!#$*&(&&^$#$#@&(*)*&_)$%%$%^#^

    Just a update from,,, Paradise ,,,1/2 2014,,,-1 degree,, 18mph winds, snowing like Hell,,,

    Just beautiful!!!

    From INSIDE!!!!!!! Prepping cases and watching Judge Judy and jawing here,,,OMG!!!! All is lost!

    Going to get worse,,got to go to the Boston Bass Pro this week end,,,blizzard there by the looks,,fun fun,,,,we'll see how that goes
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