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Thread: The Fighter's Portrait in His Youth - The Romanian Resistance

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    Default The Fighter's Portrait in His Youth - The Romanian Resistance

    The Fighter's Portrait in His Youth

    (English subtitles)

    The Fighter's Portrait in His Youth (Portretul luptatorului la tinerete) - embedded English subtitles (you can download it using

    Ion Gavrilă-Ogoranu (January 1, 1923 - May 1, 2006) after the Soviet occupation of Romania, became the leader of an armed anti-communist resistance group in the Făgăraş Mountains between 1948 and 1956.


    Ion Gavrila Ogoranu was born in a Romanian family with three children, in Tara Fagarasului. He studied at "Radu Negru" high school from Fagaras, where he was a member of Frăția de Cruce "Negoiu" (Brotherhood of the Cross), the youth wing of the paramilitary organization Iron Guard. He attended classes Faculty of Agronomy in Cluj.

    Was involved in anti-communist activities in Cluj and Brasov. For 7 years (1948 - 1955), he led the Grupul Carpatin Făgărășan. For his fight against communists he was sentenced in absentia to tens of years of prison and, finally, in 1951, to death penalty. For 29 years, the Securitate troups were unable to capture him. He was caught in 1976, after 21 years of hidden life in the house of Ana Săbăduș (the widow of a political prisoner), who later became his wife. He was saved from execution at direct intervention of U.S. President Richard Nixon.


    "What drove us here was the love of this nation, free from pettiness. We learned to look at our nation, as well as anything in the world, in terms of love. You are if you love, and you get at a higher level if you sacrifice yourself for this love".

    "We do not admire our nation, nor seek to understand and study it under we don't know what principle invented by the human mind. We love it. As it is. As a child loves his parents. And we would not change it for any other country, even in thought, as any mother in the world would not change her baby. In our hearts and minds, we never harbored the dreams and thoughts of emigration to we don't know what happy country. We want to stay here partakers of the pains and joys of the people, of its destiny, in the wave in which we want to melt our destiny".

    "And especially we felt God's hand in the black hours, when our poor human strengths would had lead us to death and despair. Here on the mountain peaks, we felt the Lord's words that told us that without Him we cannot do anything. And us, through our suffering, we learned to love Him. Because until you are not suffering, even a slap or a swearing for no reason, until then you cannot understand the drama of Golgotha. These thoughts, tormented in the long winter nights, buried in snow on the peaks of the Carpathians or during the watches with the weapons in our hands, we are dedicating to you, young people from villages and towns as a sign of our love for you, as some who will be given, when we will not be, the chance to see and to fulfill the great and brilliant Romanian victory".

    Ion Gavrila Ogoranu
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    OK side tracking this thread, sorry.
    But anyone use that ytddownloader thing? What's it like, easy to use, same quality video as what's posted to YouTube?
    I just noticed it's actually a program you have to buy, any out there that are free?
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