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    Default Commiefornia Garden Police

    Be careful with your garden and solar panels, yikes!

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    HMMM this is not really about solar panels an gardens its more about people building substandard housing a not haveing sanitation an having crap piled up every were .

    I noticed a large absence of pictures of these places in the article.

    Coming form Californa I know how some people can live . yea they got a solor panel but they also shit in the creek the rest of the people drink out of .

    I have seen were hippeis or meth heads come in a destroy a piece of property leaving it unfit for anything . i have seen places were kids have had to live I would not let my dog go in . Im just saying not all of thise pits are safe to be lived in .

    I do find the nuisance abatement van a littel scary .

    If california wants to crack down on housing violations an what not start bny craking down on all the houses an properties with 20 ilegales living in one garage an 30 of them in one house an 20 cars on the street were there is room for two .

    Yes you should be able to live on your own property but there are rules to follow . some day those owners will die or move on an then there is a unsafe house that some one tries to buy an move into .

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    why is the HP not kicking down doors in the barrio? and checking for illegals while their at it? i doubt that the cartel types homes are up to code-- or that they use licensed electricians or plumbers--

    maybe since they voted "obama/democrat they get special consideration?

    al-gore all ways wanted an 'green gestopo" --

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