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Military aircraft can NOT be sold to civilians, unless aircraft of the same design are available on the civilian market.

That is how the BATF got caught in the 1980's when they built a secret Air Force of their own. When questioned the BATF said the OV-10's belonged to a civilian company.

Turns out, other people knew better. Soldier of Fortune magazine conducted a long search, and found proof that the OV-10's had been transferred to the BATF by the Air Force. The OV-10's were equipped for (4) M-60 machine guns, rockets, and etc.,

After enough complaints to Congress, the BATF was told to get rid of it's illegal Air Force......and it was given a slap on the waist.

The BATF had already planned on using its Air Force against other religious "compounds" like WACO. Can you imagine the disaster that could have been. Of course, the BATF would said "they shot first".
That's what I worked on in the Corps. I was an engine overhaul mechanic on the Garrett 331's, on the OV-10 Broncos.