8,301 American solders who gave their lives "adopted" by Dutch families
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Thread: 8,301 American solders who gave their lives "adopted" by Dutch families

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    Default 8,301 American solders who gave their lives "adopted" by Dutch families

    God Bless the Dutch for honoring our fallen soldiers:

    About six miles from Maastricht. in the Netherlands lie buried 8,301 American soldiers who died in "Operation Market Garden" in the battles to liberate Holland in the fall and winter of 1944-5. Everyone of the men buried in the cemetery, as well as those in the Canadian and British military cemeteries has been adopted by a Dutch family who mind the grave, decorate, and keep alive the memory of the soldier they have adopted. It is even the custom to keep a portrait of "their" American soldier in a place of honor in their home. Annualyon "Liberation Day" Memorial Services are held for "the men who died to liberate Holland." The day concludes with a concert. The final piece is always "IlSilenzio", a memorial piece commissioned by the Dutch and first played in 1965 on the 20th anniversary of Holland's liberation. It has been the concluding piece of the memorial concert ever since,

    This year the soloist was a 13 year old Dutch girl, Melissa Venema, backed by André Rieu and his orchestra (the Royal Orchestra of the Netherlands). This beautiful concert piece is based upon the original version of Taps and was composed by Italian composer NinoRossi.
    Watch at this site, and go full screen. Beautiful and moving.

    Yearly Tribute - Click Here

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    Man. That got me a bit choked up. That was beautiful. Talented young lady. Thank you for sharing.

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    Thank you for the link, very moving. At least the Dutch have some gratitude for the lives America and the Allies sacrificed for them.

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    glad to see someone is thankful, unlike our current native born generation
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    I lived in The Hague for a few years as a boy. The Dutch People are Red-Assed! (old Cavalry term for a hard-charger).

    In addition to the Graves of the Fallen of Operation Market Garden, there are several hundred more graves of downed Airmen, Commandos, and OSS / British Intelligence / Dutch Army in Exile that are similarly looked after by Dutch Families in every corner of that lovely little land.

    The Dutch feel that this is the least that they can do for their Allies who fought and died for their very Lives and Freedom.

    My Nanny, a nice lady named Mevrouw De Jung credits her survival in WWII to the numerous drops of food, medicine, and other supplies by the Allies during the Winter of 1944-1945. After the War, the Dutch people would have starved but for the food aid along with a lot of other stuff provided by the United States and Canada. For two years and then some, the Dutch people survived on the charity provided; both official and private by the United States.

    And the Dutch do not forget. Even now, they do not forget.

    The Dutch are not very favorable to wars. And they do not like involving their Military outside of their own borders. But they are staunch NATO Allies. So, when the British and the Germans deploy in direct support of the War in Afganistan, the Dutch take up the slack and patrol British and German Airspace.

    The Dutch may not be the most forward in Battle, and they do not like to deploy too far beyond their own Borders, but they at least remember whose Blood purchased their Freedom. And they remember who provided food, medicine, and money to rebuild their nation. And they show it as individuals, with simple courtesy and respect. They honor the Heros who fought and died for them, so long ago. It is hard to ask for more.

    As a side note, I wish I could meet that lovely little girl who played so skillfully. I would give her such a hug. Her performance brought tears of joy and thankfulness to my eyes. I am pretty sure she has roughly 10,000 Benevolent Angels guarding her every step.

    Imagine whirled peas

    Peace, Love, And Superior Firepower


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