A semi-automatic rifle that aims itself may soon make sharpshooters a distant memory
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Thread: A semi-automatic rifle that aims itself may soon make sharpshooters a distant memory

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    Default A semi-automatic rifle that aims itself may soon make sharpshooters a distant memory


    The 500 Series AR Smart Rifle retails for almost $10,000

    • It is in limited beta testing for buyers who qualify
    • Units should start shipping in October

    Trained sharpshooters may soon be a thing of the past after a gun that aims itself was unveiled during last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
    TrackingPoint, an Austin, Texas-based gun manufacturer took the wraps off a semi-automatic gun with five times the accuracy of most experienced shooters.
    The nearly-$10,000 500 Series AR Smart Rifle tags targets within a 500-yard range and automatically shoots them - even if they're moving as fast as 10 miles per hour, according to NBC News.

    No need for any experience: Just tag the target and let the 500 Series AR Smart Rifle do all the work

    ‘There are some amazing expert marksmen in the world,’TrackingPoint CEO John Lupher told Digital Trends. ‘But what this does is, it lets you pick up this gun and go shoot right to the same level of those expert marksmen.’
    Mr Lupher also boasted the gun is ‘beyond what the human capacity is for being able to factor’ the exact spot to hit moving targets and fire off a shot.
    The 500 Series AR is not the first self-aiming gun built by the company, nor is it the longest range firearm – but it is the only semi-automatic self-aiming firearm known to exist.
    TrackingPoint also makes a self-aiming rifle with a range of up to 1,200 years and a self-aiming handgun, DigitalTrends noted.
    Those guns were first rolled out last year, according to NBC News.

    No need for sharpshooters: The self-aiming semi-automatic rifle does all the heavy lifting

    All of the firearms use the company’s TTX system – which tracks Range, drop, magnus effect, spindrift, coriolis effect, direction, cant, inclination, pressure, temperature, humidity, muzzle velocity, barrel length and twist, lock time, ballistic coefficient, and drag coefficient, according to DigitalTrends.
    Wind direction and speed are also tracked, but those must be input manually, the site noted.
    Even more amazingly, the AR Series allows users to connect to a smartphone running the TrackingPoint app and record up to an hour of video that can be stored in the gun’s on-board storage, according to Digital Trends.

    People can pre-order the guns through the company’s website, but must pass more than a background check – they must also be willing to be beta testers of sorts. The company wants a continuous stream of data about the devices to help make them even more accurate.
    The firm is also working on developing a model for the military and licenses technology to Remington, according to NBC News.
    About 40 people have so far qualified, according to NBC News. Guns should start shipping in October.

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    Next we'll have phase plasma rifles in the 40 watt range
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    Until the guided bullets from Runaway hit the shelves, those are just fancy scopes.

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    Won't be legal for civilians. Some nervous politician will consider the consequences of his/her voting record, their war against the freedom loving people and that will be that.

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    So all we have to do is find out who orders them and GUT 'EM WITH A RUSTY STEAK KNIFE before their toy gets delivered.
    Anyone got a better plan?

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    I will believe when I see it.

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