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Thread: Another strange Obama admininstration arms purchase

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    very likely-- big gimme contract . somebody gets their pockets filled with tax-payer green , and all the tax payers know is that 600,000 mags got shipped somewhere other than the USA. very easy to fraud. who is going to syria and ask the free army if the mags ever got there?

    i'll wager there are no mags even. just a good excuse for a friend of obama to cash in. lets see 600,000 mags @ $12 each plus shipping--LOL!

    Quote Originally Posted by ashhoe View Post
    Barking up the wrong tree.
    Who's brother/uncle/sister/dad/nephew or neighbor owns a plant that could manufacture stamped steel garbage for a government contract.
    It sounds greasy, I'd like a little slice of that pie. Pork barrel bullshit.
    Just like our "leaders".
    Makes me want to vomit.

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    My sister used to have a bumper sticker on her car
    Just sayin'

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