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    I like Oregon, it is against the law to pump your own gas. Don't have to get out of the car to pump gas.
    It's the same in New Jersey.
    It's one of two things, 1-people in these states are to lazy to do it themselves, or 2-they are too dumb to do it right
    But these are stupid laws to a point, the only thing I can see it's good for is to give some extra people jobs, think how many gas stations are in each of these states and they most likely are giving one or two extra people work at each station.

    As for the cluttered gas pumps with all the ads and monitors, I know of two in my area, one is annoying as hell and I'm lucky I've only been to it a few times.
    The only other ones I can complain about are the ones that you have to answer multiple questions before you can even start the pump, we have one chain that you have to answer 4 or 5 question before it asks for the payment type your going to use.
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    I don't like pumping my own gas and I am not lazy or stupid. I like the Oregon law.

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