SS veterans march in Latvia as concerns grow over Ukraine
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Thread: SS veterans march in Latvia as concerns grow over Ukraine

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    Default SS veterans march in Latvia as concerns grow over Ukraine

    SS veterans march in Latvia as concerns grow over Ukraine

    RIGA (Reuters) - Latvians who fought in the local unit of Nazi Germany's Waffen SS held their annual parade on Sunday, an event which the government feared could raise tensions with Russia as former Soviet states watch events in Ukraine with growing concern.

    Around 1,500 people - veterans in their 80s and 90s and their supporters - marched through Riga's old town, monitored by hundreds of police officers. Some opponents shouted "Shame!" and "No to fascism!"

    Latvians who joined the armed wing of Adolf Hitler's Nazi party say they were fighting for Latvian freedom at the end of the war and against the return of the Soviet Red Army.

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    Black Blade: I guess the Ukrainians aren't the only ones willing to tweak the nose of the Russian bear.
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    looks like a nazi vs commie showdown , and obongo/mc-mackin want to send US ground forces into that mess.

    now look at the what ifs-- what if TEXAS hadn't joined the union--and 200 years later decided it wanted to join the USA? with 60 % wanting the USA and 40% loyal to mexico?

    would putin want to send russian troops to defend Texas from US aggression? would the baltic fleet be anchored in the gulf of mexico??

    i'm like thinking this is russias back yard-- maybe we should keep out of this cause it could turn into a big mess.

    even more worrying is obongos track record of mess making as it seems he like to get the us entangled in wars, insurgencys and terrorist debacles in a way that is very costly and difficult to get out of.

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    Obama needs to stay the hell out of this . His crap is only going to make more problems .

    He starts sending our troops over there, we might see some riots here of our own.

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