Russian Sanctions May Create Serious Supply Shortages For Platinum and Palladium

Another consequence of sanctions against the Russian oligarchs is we may start to see shortages of Platinum Group Metals. Most Platinum and Palladium comes from Russia's Norilsk Mine and major owners - Russian Oligarchs: Vladimir Potanin, Oleg Deripaska, Roman Abramovich and Mikhail Prokhorov.

So what to buy? I added a few shares of PGM Miners SWC and PAL myself as a hedge. Of course one could also look into buying the Platinum ETF (PPLT, PGM or PTM) or maybe the Palladium ETF (PALL). Best would be to buy physical Platinum Eagles or Maple Leafs for long term.

Then again one could just buy a bunch of Saiga and VEPR rifles for conversions while you can as an investment perhaps.

- Black Blade