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Thread: Reid Labels Patriots as Terrorists

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    Exactly BackAgain,,,

    With all the banter from both sides, it has me confused to the point I don't know what to hell to believe on this whole deal,,at least till I know some more hard facts. It's very hard to form a informed position on this cluster fug with all the misinformation out there!! I don't know what to believe at this point in time.

    Get out the tin foil hats guys,,it's looking more like a conspiracy I tell ya!!! Just kidding!!!

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    Mr. Bundy is unusually media-savvy for a rancher, but he doesn’t speak in sound-bites. He wasn’t lamenting the fact that black Americans are no longer required to pick cotton for other people who supposedly “own” them, but that the modern welfare state has cultivated dependency, undermined the family, and helped to bring about both the a stratospherically high incarceration rate for black men and a shockingly high abortion rate for black unborn children (a development he wouldn’t lament if he genuinely hated black people).
    I think along thelines he said along the lines of the above . I have not heard the actual recordings of Bundy nor do I really care .

    IMO this is about the govement tryig to sway support back to there side . How an why is he on a show an those questions even being asked ?

    I try not to be racist but the facts are the facts . When over 51%of murders are by a 7% group of our population You would be a idiot to not be afraid of a group of black men approaching you in a alley . statistically speaking 1 out of three of them has already been convicted of or accused of a crime an has been or will see a jail cell. You would be a idiot to ignore those facts . You would also be stupid to say that the government through its welfare an benefits have not perpetuated multiple generations of of family's who will not work an also commit serious crimes as part of there lifestyle an tradition .

    I try to judge every one separately but to do that you have to be able to know them so until that is possible I am going to go with what the statics show an what my gut an brain tell me . I dont tust anyone balck or white Untill I know them .

    I know bundy said it all wrong but he is right if calling one a N!&&er or a black boy or what ever evokes hate from that person then racism still exists . If racism did not exist then there would be no reason for a person to be so offended it would be like any other insult like idiot or dumb ass . If racism did not exist then this would not be a national head line . If racism did not exist then what Bundy said would not have any bearing on his rights to land an public perception .

    I would be a racist if I had a white pride parade or a white history mouth , or started a college fund for whites only but some how its Ok for blacks to separate themselves form whites an be proud of being different an do just that .

    To be honest I suspect some slaves did have a better life an sense of right an wrong an fear of god an love for there family than some of people I have seen living in projects an section 8 subsidised shit holes were gangs an drugs killed them off faster than any slave owner ever would both black an white .

    Did slaves kill each other off at the rate that black on black murders occur today ? NO. Did we see slave owners shoot shoot an kill slaves at the rates that we see blacks getting killed in cities like chicago, detroit an LA ? HELL NO. there have been over 70 shootings of blacks in chicago alone in the last month . You kill your slave who is going to do the work . AN YES I KNOW BEING A SLAVE HAD TO BE PURE HELL.

    Dont think for a second that I think slavery is right, I do not ! But to be honest you were likely safer as a slave than living in the projects of chicago . I think that is what Bundy was trying to say . I think it sucks that we have generations of any race growing up an living the way they do . I think it sucks that blacks cant get a job an make a honest living because of prejudices based on the facts an statistics that he previous generations of there families have done while on welfare an assistance . The black I do know an would call friends all say the same thing about areas like chicago. it about impossible to get out of there because you jsut cant get ahead an when you do they pull your assistance an your right back were you started . I would hate to be in that situation .

    When Bundy saif MLKJ did not finsh the job he started he is right . he also wanted see Blacks be able to work for a living an prosper not just be treated as equals. Obviously things are still screwed up so did MLK get the job done? Obviously not. If the Job had been done we would not be having this conversation . 51 % of muerdrs would not be by blacks an we would not have four generations of familay who have never worked an live off the government . SO IMO the job is not done by a long shot .

    Many black an liberals will say we have come so far we even have a black president . i say it shows how little we have come . Obama was not elected because he was black he was elected because the country has become so divided an the numbers of people who want handouts an free stuff have finally out numbered those who feel a person should support them selves an there family . Obama was elected because the MLK's job never di get finished . MLK wanted blacks to be able to stand on their own feet an be able to make there own way . He would have likely been appalled by Obama an all the hand outs that keep blacks from even trying to get a job .

    Then for all I know Bundy is a raging racist

    Ask your self this if Bundy were black an crying out that he is being unfarly treated by Whites would he be considered a racist ? NOT BY THE MEDIA Look up the definition of racist its not about whites suppressing blacks its a two way street .

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