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Thread: Gun silencer sales are booming

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    ^^^^ right.. but what they cant get is the guns to put them on. LMAO
    try buying an AK in England....
    Don't remember if it was England or not, don't even remember what type of firearm this person had, just remember them saying how cheap and easy it was to get a suppressor in that country, just like how easy it is for us to buy a firearm here.
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    yeah thats the killer of it all....

    over there guns are so "hard to get" that they dont worry about suppressors..

    no worries though im headed towards putting cans on most everything thats not a shotty or a 50bmg.
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    I'd love one too,,but they can kiss my ass if they think I'm spending 200 bucks on a tax stamp plus the up front cost of a suppressor.

    Just not worth it IMHO, just to keep someone else appeased by having a quite gun. And to me that's all it's good for,,,sense I have no plans of becoming a James Bond type anytime soon or doing any covert operations!!!

    Gezzzzzz!!!! Gimmie a break!!!

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