tested the 7" roto some more yesterday.

first off the barrel needs a tight barrel bushing to be accurate. the first time i shot it i had a bushing on from a match barrel it is a bit too big for the roto and it had a tendency to print to the left and toss a flyer every so often.

i ordered one of the cheap 1-1/4" comp/ bushing from sportsmans guide --the made in china one -- one of the few good things about it is it fits the barrel and the slide super-tight.

once i installed the new bushing --which was sort of a chore cause it was over sized --it wouldn't even fit the wrench--LOL

anyway now it shoots much better and that left print has now moved to center mass on the target. mucho better. no sight adjustments were required after the new barrel bushing.

i shot a few tulas and a few remington 230 JHPs --the remingtons gave excellent accuracy , the tula had no problem hitting a 2 gallon bucket @ 27M @ close to dead center with a few hitting off center mass, the remington made a baseball sized group at the same distance, all in the kill zone. i think when i find a load it likes it is going to really step up in the accuracy dept.

no jams stovepipes -- it seems to run and shoot like any other 1911 recoil is very nice and it is super quick for follow up sots -- no problems at all with the JHPs --hell it loves um. very much fun to shoot and the more i shoot it the better it gets--

now roto makes a 6" 400 corbon-- that could make a nice long-slide this got me to thinking--LOL

bottom line the roto 7" seems like a good barrel -- it is USGI specs on the bushing so if you go roto and you got match bushings your barrel is going to be too loose for accuracy. a tight fitted bushing does wonders for these cheap barrels.

i think it is going to be accurate enough for about anything i will want to do with it.