Well I don't want $10 a gallon gas an that's were were heading fast ..There taking over a major refinery as we speak.

IMO we either need to figure oil is going to get real expensive or were going just say screw it an take it . personally Im sick of all of this its time the US went an took some thing they wanted instead of paying. We have poured billions in the mideast an all they do is fight with us an each other ..

If that refinery is in jeopardy then in the interest of the world it needs to be protected an that means we bomb the crap pout of anything that moves near it regardless of there politics . Our president will decide to do something after the region is in the middle of a ecological disaster an millions more die.

We need to quit pussy footing around an just take what we want we have paid for it with money an lives far to long .

Dont give them a dime for oil just take it, stop leaving our equipment an arms for them to use .

If we did not need oil that region would not amount to more than a pile of camel shit to the rest of the world .

IMO Its time that america declared war on some one first an just do it . screw protecting them take the toy away there all fighting over .

Or we need to get used to walking an hitching up horses