The prototype is powered by a longitudinally-mounted electric motor rated at 74 hp and 52 lb-ft of torque, on par with H-D’s 833 cc internal combustion engine.
A 883 on a dyno makes about 50HP maybe . there 1200's barely make 80 at the rear wheel . My buell that has a slightly modified 1200 barley makes 90 . I had one that made 120 at he rear but was a time bomb an was closer to 1400cc

I think the range I read on these was more than like 100 miles or more . There claiming about a 45 minute recharge time also . that's not to bad.

I think the crotch rocket look it all wrong they need to keep it more traditional upright seating an it might sell better for a city cruiser or commute to work bike.

This is harleys first electric bike not the the first . I think there is a use for mid size electric bikes in our future..

I can hardly stand to be on a croth rocket or my buell for more than 100 miles at a time so it would work if the bar had a charging station were I stop to get lunch LOL

the problem is if harley makes it it will cost double an they wont have parts for it in 5 years after they abandon it like a few other things Buell for example . thebilewillcome striped of everything you will want an you will have to order an have a dealer install it after you get it . a hat will cost $45