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Thread: No Knock Raid Results In Officer Being Shot In The Face, 3 Other Officers Shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pryotex View Post
    Not sure about "Die" But not upsetting me. Sad thing is there are zillions of people that lie everyday to the Police. One cure is the Police unions should be shut down so they cant hide behind them. Cops that lie give the rest a bad reputation and put the lives of good cops on the line. They should be Charged and fired on the spot.
    True Pryotex. I usually stay out of the L.O. related threads. With half my Irish relatives in Law Enforcement and the other half needing help from them, I just read.
    But yes it is easy to blanket stereotype L.O.s Two recent cases down my way here.
    - Deputies were looking for a perp. They banged on a citizens door late at night, not identifying themselves, plain clothes. Well the guy answered the door with gun in hand. The nit wit blasted the poor guy to meet Jesus. WTF over. Talked to my Deputy Bro. "Tim you bang on my door late at night, I answer it with a gun." He was pissed.
    -Deputy here, who I know. Driving on a county road texting. Whoops goes off the road and hits a kid 10 feet off the road in the grass. What to do? Drag the body into the road and say he jumped in front of the cruiser. Wrong. Internal affairs nailed him, for lying and covering up a crime seen. Let the lawsuit begin. $$.
    Sadly incidents like those blanket cover all in uniform. Which should not be, but it seems to be the in theme. That and WTF is up with all these dog shootings? Damn as a 15 year old kid I worked for a Veternarian and he taught us how to handle mean dogs. How hard is it to learn? Not. You don't have to shoot the poor things. Now if they get ahold of your neck or some kids, shoot.
    But way to much in the news on the dog shootings now, as BB posted in one of his threads. That guy was pissed and correct. They should watch the "Dog Whisperer" I like that show, Cesar Millan could show them some good tips.
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    As far as dogs, Been bit 3 times, Dont give a crap about dogs (Yes I have my own). Keep them on the property. Now I have caught MANY dogs, including pits and taken to the pound. The main difference is at my old Dept, we were trained by animal control about catching these dogs. I have shot more than a few, NEVER on the owners property. These are ones that were out loose in the public, attacking people or animals. If someone (Cop) is afraid of a dog, they need to sit their ass in the car if it is just a loose dog call.
    Look up cops in GA we have convicted some and if there is a problem, their ass hits the streets. No Union to hide behind. I do agree with most everyone out the, Asshole cops ruin it for the rest. I was a Fire Fighter for 12 yrs. I took the Police job for the pension when I moved. I left that due to not getting paid for what I did. Now I build guns and Im happy that with dealing with my own crap, I do not have to deal with everyone else's crap too.
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    ah my anti union best friend.....

    Hate takes LESS energy & thought... Dont be so Lazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PuppyChow View Post
    do find it quite hypocritical that if someone kicks down your door, no knock, you blow them to get charged with murder

    on the other hand, they no knock on you, have the WRONG home, kill you, your wife, your dog.....they might get paid time off with no repercussions

    and the law enforcement community wonders why the average joe not only does not trust them, but normally despises them..............

    accountability..... there is none
    Amen brother!! If they kick in the wrong door and kill an innocent home owner, they should pay the price the same as if "we" did it to them. It seems like at every level of government service, whether it be local cop, SBI, FBI, Senator, Congressman, etc.... you don't have to play by the same rules as the mere "citizens" do. I guess we are well and truly the peasant class now.
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