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Thread: so I read on another site to get rid of stumps

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    I got rid of about a dozen stumps a few years ago. I cut flipped a 55-gallon drum upside down, added a 5" galvanized vent stack, and made a hatch on top. Then I filled it from trash wood and let 'er rip. On a good burn overnight, I'd have a hole 18" deep in the ground where the stump used to be.

    The trick with burning stumps is you have to get them HOT ALL THE WAY THROUGH, otherwise they'll just char on the outside and quit. Once you get it hot enough it'll keep on burning on its own.

    A couple of stumps were too big to fit the drum over. I chainsawed some vertical slots to fit the drum into and did them in two or three steps. Also, large surface roots will burn if you remove as much dirt as you can first.
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    Where I'm living now,,for like 28-9 years now,,,it's only a small 1 1/3 acre lot on the edge of a 1100 person population township. So I pretty much constrained to using the cut off barrel method to burn stumps too with houses around. But I just use a couple large bags of charcoal to keep things going instead and that method does make pretty short work of stumps, with less smoke too. I have 2-3 fresh ones to take care of right now from 2 trees I just took down, but they both were tight up against a building, so I can't burn those. Especially sense there next to my reloading /ammo storage building!! That could be hazardous!

    This place was bordered by Box Alder trees at one time,,,THOSE THINGS SUCK!!! They run wild, make a mess and like to spread out over buildings and they just don't hold up well to big winds,,,,,only 1 left now. Hate those things.

    Now everything else is Maple, White Ceder, Poplar and a MONSTER Willow which I want to get rid of next, couple Ash ,2-3 different types of Lilac bush's and a couple other flowering bush's,, tons of them, and one lone Pine that's just about toast too. Woodpeckers are starting to get at it, so it will have to come down soon too I'm afraid.

    In the last year or so I've planted about 40 Emerald Green Arborvitaes in double rows on my North and West side boundary line to help block the wind and road noise and I need a few more 6 footers for my North end now. They only get from 12-15 ' but nice and bushy so hopefully it will help block those North winds off the fields all around us. 3-4 more Maples are going to be planted too in place of the others I take down. Those I can just dig up in the woods and replant here, so I don't have to buy those. I can get some 8 footers out safely with the wheeler pretty easy I'd think.

    Yup,,,Looks like I'll get plenty of practice on taking out stumps real soon !!

    Still wish I could "POP" them out like the old days though!!

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