Obama Bans Russian-Made AKs with Executive Order 13662
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Thread: Obama Bans Russian-Made AKs with Executive Order 13662

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    Default Obama Bans Russian-Made AKs with Executive Order 13662

    Obama Bans Russian-Made AKs with Executive Order 13662 | Gun News--News By The Barrel Do you have a Russian manufactured AK style rifle or shotgun on order, or were you thinking about purchasing one? Not any more! Today, the U.S. Department of The Treasury has announced the president’s latest executive order (Executive Order 13662),slapping more sanctions on Russia for the Ukraine crisis. Today, the OFAC (The Office of Foreign Assets Control) is introducing sanctions targeting specific persons or entities. Among the names listed in these sanctions is one very familiar to almost all of us gun owners: Kalashnikov Concern and Izhmash R&D. Of course, Kalashnikov manufactures the original AK variants and Izhmash manufactures AK variants under the Saiga name. Below is the exact wording of this specific line item in this sanction: KALASHNIKOV CONCERN (a.k.a. CONCERN KALASHNIKOV; a.k.a. IZHEVSKIY MASHINOSTROITEL’NYI ZAVOD OAO; f.k.a. IZHMASH R&D CENTER; f.k.a. JSC NPO IZHMASH; f.k.a. NPO IZHMASH OAO; a.k.a. OJSC CONCERN KALASHNIKOV; f.k.a. OJSC IZHMASH; f.k.a. SCIENTIFIC PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION IZHMASH JOINT STOCK COMPANY), 3, Derjabin Pr., Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic 426006, Russia; Registration ID 1111832003018 [UKRAINE2]. Although the international community thinks these sanctions are aimed at intimidating the Russian Federation into removing itself from the Ukraine, I believe that there is a more sinister side to this EO. The president thus far has been relatively unsuccessful in passing firearm-related bans, registrations, etc. and he has made multiple threats that he would use his pen if the “people” (we, being the “people” he is referring to) didn’t give him what he wants. What better way to stop a certain importation of firearms than by slapping sanctions on the manufacturers? Still, none of the mainstream outlets have picked up on this as of yet. The Blaze is the first one to have seemingly caught it and reported it late last night/early this morning. If you were not already aware, there is a push to ban the importation of all Russian-made ammunition (7.62×39, 7.62×54, Russian Makarov, etc.) as well. We all know what two issues this will cause, and I would not be surprised if we did not see an immediate response to one of these as early as today. The jump in the prices of Russian manufactured firearms and Russian made ammunition. But, here is the concern regarding the firearms already in stock: The sense so far of this sanction seems that it may even include the immediate banning of any sales of stock already in stores in the United States right now. No grandfathering anything manufactured by Kalashnikov or by Izhmash. Even if a person has one on order or on layaway, the concern is that these firearms will now be sanctioned. Sales for Century and Arsenal made AK variants, as well as others, will explode, and the prices are sure to hit the ceiling. The second part of this equation, of course, is the ammunition. It has not been affected yet, but I am certain it is not far behind.

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    Bingo on the ammo being next. As a matter of fact I was thinking the same thing last night so I ordered a couple cases of soft point X39 this morning which I only had a bit of and by this afternoon it had gone up .50 cents a box ,already !!! And I saw on Gunbot 2 -3 other places have already raised prices on it too.

    Here we go again folks,,,,,,

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    The flip side:

    Some Empty Shelves | English Russia

    A few days ago Russian government has posted a bill to ban import of different foods coming from Europe and US (also Australia and Canada). It was said that this ban would be active for one year long and its term can be changed at any time. What did they ban? Mostly all dairy and meat products out of these countries, also as I understood all fruit and vegetables are forbidden to import too. People started already posting photos of empty shelves into their blogs and twitters and instagram accounts that are said to be meant display food connected photos in them. News reports says that the trucks full of foreign foods being turned away from the borders.
    Perge, scelus, mihi diem perficias.

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