Yup,, that's what the folks in NH used to call us Twig Pigs,,to you,,,,,that would be, MR Twig Pig,,actually I rather thought it was a bit comical myself, and generally laughed about it too.

Where that all started I think was when,, one of my buddies bought a Forest Service puckey green truck when they came up for auction. The emblem had been crudely removed from the door so he had a sign painter bud of ours paint a Russian Wild Boar with a Smokey The Bear hat on,with a semi close looking Forest Service emblem and a banner all around it with Twig Pig written in gold leaf,,,it was sorta a stereotypical wild boar version of a 60's Southern Sheriff,,Ray Bans and all,,

And,,,,The smokey The Bear hat was my idea ,,,,thank you very much!! what??? Me,,, a smart ass,,, well maybe!

That was a friggin hoot though!!!! LMFAO

Especially sense it was his everyday rig that he drove to the Ranger station every day, He was a seasonal trail crew member.

Our new district ranger had a talk with him about it I guess and a few days later he was driving a different rig to work. I just saw the truck again just a couple three years ago rusting in a field next to a fallen down barn.

Now I think about it,,,that was the last year I was offered to renue that job,,,,Huuuummmmmm,,,coincidence???,,you be the judge. 12 years was plenty thanks.