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Thread: Best 7.62x39 Ammo???

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    Wow, this thread is old.
    Cheetah is supposed to be some good stuff, but some folks have a problem with where it's made.
    The Chinese stuff was great, but good luck finding it now.
    Most of the russian stuff is crap, truthfully, but it is cheap, and does work.Who can argue with $70.00 a 1000? Ive got a bunch of the "hollow point" stuff that was around, oh, 6-8 years ago? It's OK, not great, but has pretty heavy jackets so the hollow points don't expand well. This is the "no name" ammo.
    The VERY BEST current available ammo is the Yugo brass case. Good, consistent ammo. $125/1120, ON SKS STRIPPER CLIPS no less. From Dans Ammo. Great stuff! Heck, ebay the excess clips off and you'll be close to wolf!
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    i'm loving the golden tiger i just got. Cleaner, better MOA, cheaper.

    Steer way clear of silver bear HP--jams every shot in my sar out of anything but my norinco bakelite.
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