Anybody ever make a duckbill for your shotgun?
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Thread: Anybody ever make a duckbill for your shotgun?

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    Default Anybody ever make a duckbill for your shotgun?

    I think I want one. If you don't know what it is I will explain. A duckbill is a piece of tubing that fits over the end of your shotgun barrel and it forces the shot to spread wide. The military found they were great for clearing a room. They look like they would be easy to make since it is a piece of tubing that is pressed on the end to force the shot to spread to the sides.

    I have an Ithica 37 riot gun that I want to put a heat shield and a duckbill on. Since it has factory sights installed I will need to have the heat shield machined to fit around the sights. If I am going to go to that expense I might as well get the duckbill put on at the same time. Anyone interested in a project?
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    A friend of mine made one for his spas 12, just be careful how much you squeeze the tube,... alot of pressure coming down that barrel.

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