Cetme Bolt Gap!!!!????
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Thread: Cetme Bolt Gap!!!!????

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    Default Cetme Bolt Gap!!!!????

    I pressed my barrel in today, I've got it to where it is just about flush. The bolt gap is huge, about 1.2mm. Should I continue to press the barrel further in, most likely past the "shelf" or should I tap it back in a bit. I know that the closer the barrel is to the back of the rifle, the larger the gap should be. I just felt like my gap should be smaller when my barrel is this far in. Any input would be great, I'd like to wrap this project up.

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    I'd check over at the CETME board. They use to have a way of checking bolt gap with feeler gauges, you come in from the mag well, there's a minimum and a maximum bolt gap.
    Sorry I don't remember it right now. If you have trouble finding it let me know, I can ask a friend who should have it.

    Never mind I just saw the other posting.

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