Source for M1 Carbine Recievers?
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Thread: Source for M1 Carbine Recievers?

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    Postak Source for M1 Carbine Recievers?

    Looking for a couple of M1 Carbine recievers. Which vendors have a good rep for this kind of thing?
    Also , an individual was selling "light de-milled" carbine recievers ( he said from Sarcoinc ) a few years ago. These had around (IIRC) 3/4 of an inch cut from the right side only. -- no no alinement worries. Any leads would be appreciated.

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    Riverbank has original receivers, they advertise in shotgun news google shotgun new then look up riverbank
    the sarco receivers are demilled through the right side, the bolt jumps out of alignment a good welder can fix, I just can not find the proper person for the job, besides they stop selling these a while back

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