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    Since my wife bought a DPM kit I've become more familiar with flap locking. The other day I was looking at some RPD pictures and saw the receiver milling was entirely different than the DPM. I'm still not sure how those sneaky Russkies machined the DPM, but the RPD is obvious - they just used the side of an end mill to make the ramps, used a keyseat cutter to make some clearance at the bottom corner, and broached the short locking surfaces.

    I have a box of parts that was supposed to become my .303 roller-locked battle rifle, until I found out why true roller locking isn't found on production rifles. (requires very precise machining, plus intolerant of dirt) The Voices are now telling me some thickwall tubing and a surplus DP-28 bolt might be much simpler...

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    Hello TRX,
    My guess is that the Ruskies used a metal shaper to carve the DP-type lock flap recesses in their receivers. A verticle shaper or slotter would be handy but a horizontal shaper would also work.

    I've made progress since the previous post here. I have restored a nice camera tripod to mount that overly complex digital camera !!! Still must learn how to operate the darn thing...

    VD in AZ

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