What can I do with some extra G3 parts?
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Thread: What can I do with some extra G3 parts?

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    Default What can I do with some extra G3 parts?

    Been away hunting A-hole poachers, but back for now since I think I am sick AGAIN with the flu and sorting through my G3 parts lot I got in a few weeks ago.

    I have demilled a few front sections and have a few good barrels for a build or 4 but I also got a few other parts that look like they were going to be pistol or short barrle rifle builds, just curious what I might could do with these parts since I doubt I could get any thing for them on Gunbroker.

    The carrier on the far left is full size but the other one has been cut down, I am assuming for one of the short barrels. I am building one or two full size rifles out of the other front sections I got but if any of these parts could become a 53, that could be cool but I really can't find much info on these short rifle builds. I did see the barrel on the HK53 is 8.5 inches but were is that measurment taken from, the OAL or from the front of the chamber forward.

    Also, I chimed in on a few other threads during the holidays while bedridden but forgot to subscribe to them so if anybody can help me find myself, I would appreciate it (still kinda new to the whole forums thing, sorry ).
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    You could build a .308 Sterling. There's a thread here somewhere by Forgotten Weapons, try the Search function.

    Leave the stock off to make it a Sterling pistol, and you could impress people with your muzzle blast!

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    sell them, buy beer with the $$, and send it to 4thidvet.

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    I could use these if you want to sell them.

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