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    Default 1911 build help

    Just got done finally finishing one of my 1911's but the weirdest thing is happeneing. When I fire it the slide recoils in slow motion and the ejection of the brass drops at my feet.

    It has something to do with the recoil spring tension i think, Is the spring too tight or too lose.

    When I assembled the gun the spring is very tight, of course I lost the packet the spring came in so I have no idea what tension it was rated at.

    So with the above issue does anyone know how to fix it? Do I need a heavier or lighter recoil spring?
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    Grab the slide with the barrle out, pull up, pudh down, wiggle sideways and make sure it is smooth with no binding. if it can "tilt" the slide will aslo bind on the frame and slow down the action. Loose is just as bad as tight.

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    Your spring is either too powerful or your linkdown is not happening correctly. Did you use the proper length link and break the edges of the top locking lugs?

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