My Atty wants me to make him a "RaceGun" and has given me a series 80 GoldCup slide to modify. Unfortunately he already tried to recut the stock angled cocking serrations at the rear so now they need to be gone over to make flat bottom straight serrations following the original cutter path. He also wants matching ones cut on the front. The problem is the cuts have to be 1/16" inch wide to match the originals, and every endmill I bought for the job goes "Tink" and disappears every time it touches metal. A 1/16" slitting saw would seem to be the tool for the job, unfortunately I do not have a horizontal mill and the vertical mill I have access to has only 8" between table and spindle, no worky.

With a horizontal, the setup is simply clamp the slide in a vise, line up the grooves with the saw, and make the cuts. Vertical it could also be done on a Bridgeport type mill, but would need a jig to hold the slide vertical. Hardened, so we're talking carbide tools and rigid as a rock setup.

Anybody with a mill wanna give it a shot?