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    Default DIY parkerizing solution

    DIY parkerizing solution

    I have some parkerizing solution on order, its the dark manganese phosphate stuff, gives a nice dark finish to your weapon.. but I figured there HAD to be a way to make this stuff at home.

    So off I went looking online and I found it!

    Now before I start giving you the info.. let me just say EYES GLOVES AND MASKS.. we are playing with some caustic chemicals here. Nothing to be afraid of but still..

    This recipe is so simple that I was sure it was not going to work.. but it did.

    First you get one gallon of distilled water

    Break open a D Cell battery, cut the end off and took out all the black powder(manganese dioxide). Tap the end of the battery with a hammer, and the end cap will come off with some help from needle nose pliers. Make sure you ONLY get the black stuff and not the silver stuff in the inner core. You don't want that. Break up this stuff in a bag with a hammer to make it more of a powder.

    Next up get yourself a 0000 steel wool pad, cut it in half and wash it good with water or spray it down with some brake cleaner, you want all the oils out of it.

    Next hit up your local home depot and get yourself some klean strip phosphoric prep and etch (This is nasty stuff, some of you might know.. its 80%+ phosphoric acid handle with gloves on only)Krogers toilet bowl cleaner also has the acid in it.

    In a stainless steel bowl,(I bought a SS steam table pan from a metal recycler) boil your distilled water, Black powder from your battery and your steel wool pad. Get the temp up to around 180-190 and eventually that steel wool pad will start to dissolve. Once done, add the klean strip phosphoric prep and etch (About 1/3rd a cup full) to the mix and bring it back up to temperature.

    Once up to temp, drop in your part. I chose a glock barrel as I wanted to get this one in the black again (someone polished it when I got it)

    Let the part sit in there for about 20 or so mins. I used those cheap range earplugs to plug the barrel so nothing got inside but it wont harm it if a tiny bit gets in.. I plan on getting better barrel plugs in the future however.

    Take the part out, wash with hot water, and spray on some CLP and let it soak. It should be ready to use in about 12 hours.

    Here is what I did to park some nodac receivers I had in my safe.
    Tanvil had asked for the recipe but I had misplaced it.
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    Thankyou RB.

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    You can get manganese dioxide from hobby ceramics suppliers. It's used as a black colorant.
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    this recipe has been around for years and is good for the new guys, so good re=post

    same formula only I have used Phosphoric acid cleaner for removing grout and cleaning title this can be found in the flooring dept at Home depot and lowes

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    I just did this not long ago, the solution doesnt adhere to chrome lining btw..

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    It will shoot right out of the bore, but I have always turned some tapered wood plugs on the lathe to seal the barrel just to be safe.

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