Back in the 90s, when the country was being flooded with SKSs for less than $100, I acquired several of them. I wanted some spare parts in case of future problems. I saw an as in Shotgun News for an SKS part's kit-everything except the barrels action. I ordered 2 of them. I ffigured then that I had all I needed for my SKSs.
Then one day, my son and I attended a gun show. A seller there had 2 SKS barreled actions for $25 each. My son bought both of them. I traded one of the part's kits for one of his barreled actions. We both ended up with complete guns; although unassembled.
One day when I had nothing to do, I decided to put my spare parts kit and barreled action together. I figured it would be easier to store that way. I ended up with ONE gun with lots of parts numbers. However, I decided to try and see if it would shoot. So, I took it out to find out.
At that time I lived in the boonies outside of Jacksonville, Oregon. I had a barn and a few pieces of building material laying around. I had one 4X8 sheet of plywood that was around two inches thick. So, I leaned it up against the barn. Then I loaded my SKS. I stood behind the sheet of plywood and held the gun On the other side with one hand. I figured that, if the gun blew up, it might damage my hand, but my head was behind a huge slab of wood.
I pulled the trigger and the gun went: "BANG!" I did it again-same thing. I shot about 8 or 10 shots. Everything functioned perfectly. Then I went out and picked up the empty brass to see if I could discern any evidence of excessive head space. Every case looked as good as could be. I had another functional SKS!
And, I still have it! I still consider it a part's kit with mismatching numbers, but, I also know that, in a pinch, I can use it.