PPs43 conversion to 45ACP ?
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Thread: PPs43 conversion to 45ACP ?

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    Default PPs43 conversion to 45ACP ?

    Ok so, I'm starting a new thread on the idea of a PPs 43 conversion to a 45 ACP carbine. So I don't stomp all over HallowAng's thread this discussion got started in. Sorry guy.

    I pulled out my 43 in x25 and looked it over some as well as the kit I have. And these are the things I noticed that will need addressing,,,, by just a quick look see.

    All I can see at first glance would be to; open up the bolt face to accept the 45 round, re-profile the extractor, modify the mags, acquire a 16" barrel blank, modify the barrel trunion and shroud to allow the barrel to pass through them, address the recoil spring rate if it's an issue later. Which may not even be an issue at all, sense the added weight of the projectile, may make up for the lack of pressure in a straight blow back and that would be better known later when testing. So most everything I can think of to do to it shouldn't be all that difficult and will only require some minor alterations by the looks.

    Of course the semi trigger group, bolt stop and grove in the top of the bolt for the receiver dimple in a semi conversion would have to be addressed, but that would be the case weather or not I kept it the same caliber or not,, anyways. The latch pin would need to be reproduced a titch longer to make the folder functional, but none of that looks difficult to do at all.

    Anyone here have experience with the 43's and knows these guns well,,, have any input on my idea? Well it's almost a group idea at this point! But any advice would be appreciated.

    Outwardly it sounds like a doable thing with no major snafu's looming that I can think of, but I've never really fussed around with a 43 before so some of you may have better ideas on that per-posed build.

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    I talked to John Stemple's brother and he helped me track down a couple virgin magwells from his brothers 76/45 guns for one of my projects.
    If it was me, I'd do the same thing with this and use a Grease Gun mag.
    Modifying mags can be hit and miss at best. At least that's the experiences I've had anyway.
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    The MAC 10 uses modified Greasegun mags, the well is a bit long so you have to trim a bit off the top of the stops on the magazine. The magwells are available and for about $60 you can get the well and mag release parts. Add the grip and you have a foregrip to hang onto as well.

    M10 45 GREASE GUN MAG WELL | Firearm Parts & Accessories - Gun Parts & Accessories

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