I am not sure about the rest of you , but to me the spring on the CZ82s is a bit stiff, making the magazine a bitch to load. SO this last week I built a new reloading tool for my CZ82s... I have 3 of them now ( I just wish they had a decocker). Anyway I built a nice little jig out of some scrap steel that I had laying around ( it came off of a yamaha metal shipping crate and is flat steel of about the right size. I figured that if a person could bend steel in a press for a reciever that a small thing like a barrel reloading tool would be a cinch. The main box of the reciever was out of the bottom sheet metal of a water heater which I intend on making into an Aluminum smelter ( the sheet metal is 14 guage and free) the rest of the device is made out of .5 inch strap steel from a honda reloading crate. I had to do a bit of modifications to make the thing work right , but it sure makes reloading a magazine a lot easier.

And on a slightly differnt note , I did not use a press to bend the metal , I used the old fashioned BFH and it worked out well. I at first tried to epoxy the metal pieces together but that did not work out quiet right , so I had a friend mig the parts together as I do not know how to weld with my little mig yet. I will give credit where credit is due , I got the idea out of SGN in the may 10 issue on making your own gunsmithing tools. There are a lot of the old SGN articles that I keep tucked away for future uses; just tossing the advertisements ... which I wish I had not done at times , just to see how stupid I was to pass up some tremendous deals over the years.