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I feel your pain brother, I lost my wife after almost 3 years of fighting colon cancer on 11-13-12 married for 20 years have 3 children youngest is seven. Keep the faith my friend God will take care of you. One thing I always remind myself is God will only give you what you can handle. Sorry for your loss and take care.
Thanks man. No one that hasn't been through this may not understand the hurt. Every time the phone rings the front door opens. I swear I can see her sitting on the couch watching TV. Everyone says it's normal with this kind of trauma.
Only thing i could call good is my kids are all grown. Grandbaby's know she's gone but don't understand why yet. Brother I can't inagine what it's like with little ones still at home. I pray you have help. I want to try church again but I'm just too mad at Him right now.

PM anytime if you need to talk.