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    Default My new butchering table

    A while back, I got a call from my friend Eric. Eric works for an engineering and fabrication company up in Wisconsin, and one of their contracts happens to be with Snap-On Tools. They had been contracted to do a run of stainless steel workbench tops, like the one you can buy right here on their website for only $500.

    Well, a few of the stainless benchtops were refused by Snap-On due to minor surface imperfections (i.e. one or two scratches of varying length). Eric called me up and told me they were just going to become scrap, unless I wanted him to hold onto one for me. Of course it wasn't free; I had to pay what they would have made by selling it to the scrapyard--a whopping $17. Eric brazed out the Snap-On logo from the lower right side which isn't a huge deal--you can see it from the inside anyways.

    Well, it had been sitting down in my basement waiting for a workbench to don it. The only problem with my existing workbenches is that they're about 2" too deep (front to back) to fit the steel top. So I decided that since my buddies and I are investing in some gear to process our own game this fall, I'd use it to build a butchering table. It's stainless steel after all!

    I set out with some particle board as the "filler" for inside the SS benchtop. I used 2x4's, 42" long, as legs. It's a bit higher than most people like to work with, but we won't be hunched over--it brings the meat to our level we're comfortable working at. I left the wood structure not quite as wide as the benchtop (about 6" if you put it all to one side) to allow room for the bolt-down grinders we'll have.

    Anyway, here's the end result of $45 worth of stainless "steal" and lumber, along with about 2 hours' work. Ignore the Integra in the background--that's just Maggie; her engine bay's a bit empty right now but I've got a little non-firearm related project happening in the basement that should involve around 450 horsies to the wheels.
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    Great table!! I am looking to build something simular for the same purpose. It should be great for processing game. My garage turns into a butcher shop this time of the year.

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