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    This is a wingbone call that I made from the wings of a Gobbler I harvested a few Springs ago. The necklace is made of Turkey Spurs from the many Wild Turkey that were stupid enough to come to my call, looking for a "Blind Date in the Bushes"

    Follow this link to learn how to.
    Here is what you will have when your done. To get a highly polished surfsce for scrimshaw work, sand smooth with a very fine grit paper, then polish on a buffing wheel on a bench grinder. Use a polishing rouge, and dont let it get too hot, or your will have brown spots.
    Scrimshawing is an art that goes back to the whaleing ship days. The bored or lazy sailors (scrimshaw means lazy) would sharpen their sail needles, and cover a piece of walrus ivory or whales tooth with india ink. then they would draw a picture on the ink covered piece when the ink dried. After drawing the picture in pencil, they would trace the drawing with the sharpened sail needles, scratching the image into the piece. leaving a white picture against the black ink background. Then they would cover the piece in ink again, allowing it to get deep within the scratches. Then wash the whole piece off, and what you have is a black, scetched image in the ivory. Its that easy.

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    Too cool, I haven't been hunting in a few years either. That is why I got into building aks but you are really tempting me to jump back into the bushes.

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