Just an update,,blind is done done with a few more goodies added,,interior lights,,red & white ones, floor insulation, carpet to keep it quite, Little Buddy heater and it's now ready to rock other than the fresh plates.

Plus,,,,,,,More Good news, after only the first face to face with one of the local Legion Commanders today, I already have 2, possibly 3 different spots to set it up in good locations and a couple local candidates for the first hunts. One a WW11 101st Vet that was @ D-day that had parachuted in behind enemy lines to capture a bridge there,,and @ 88 years young, he really wants to get out and hunt again but needs a walker and can't normally. That will be perfect for him. The other a 2 tour Afghanistan Vet with a new prosthetic leg he's learning to steer around, who happens to be the son of someone I went to school with and was on the x-country team with in the late 60's, it's his youngest son, 27.

I'm as excited as I can possibly be after all the great comments I got today and by the interest shown by the members that happened to be there today. I think this will fly,,,

I'M MORE THAN PUMPED NOW!!!! This is just the first day of face to face meetings,and it looks really promising already. I hope this really takes off,,now,, if I can just get Fish & Wildlife on board with public land opportunities, that will really open up some doors. I'd like to try to get access to some of the wood roads on public lands that may not be normally available. I'll see how that goes, normally they don't, but lately they have made some accommodations for disabled vets, hopefully they will be on board with this. I know a couple wardens pretty well so I'll speak with them and get the right contact info.

Wish me luck boys !!! I might have just gotten myself into another major project. But I feel it's a just cause, plus,,,what to hay, I got to keep out of mischief somehow!!!

The Buick's parked for the winter,,the shows are done,fire woods all put up for the winter, and we won't have ice for >2 more months,so if I don't do something I'll just be spending my time watching Judge Judy, or As The Stomach Turns,,,no friggin way!!!

Damn Brad take care of that shoulder, don't push it to hard now. I did that with a wrist I tore some tendons in years ago and it took me twice as long to heal up and I was a young pup at the time,,take her easy bud! You don't want to screw it up permanently at your,,,, feeble old age! Break out the 223 for now,,,,we don't heal as fast as we used to!