Man catches 750+ pound gator
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Thread: Man catches 750+ pound gator

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    Default Man catches 750+ pound gator

    Man catches 750+ pound gator

    Feb 15, 2014 4:29 PM MDT
    By CNN News

    A Houston man broke records when he caught a massive alligator last week in South Texas.

    Austin Kimbrough, 38, is an avid outdoorsman, and Thursday was the first time he had been gator hunting.

    Kimbrough had gone hunting with his dad at the Guadalupe Wildlife Management Area. There was a public hunt scheduled to help officials manage the alligator population in the area.

    Kimbrough and his dad went out on a boat. The two used a chicken as bait.

    "Basically it's a giant rope on a hook with half a chicken on it and we poured rotten fish guts on the chicken," Kimbrough said.

    Little did they know they would end up wrestling a thirteen and a half gator, weighing more than 750-pounds.

    "This thing is gargantuan. It's like a dinosaur," Kimbrough said

    The two tried to put the massive gator into their boat. It was a bad fit. The 13-and-a-half gator ended up sinking the 14-foot boat. The father and son ended up getting help from the game warden to carry the gator back.

    Their catch is the largest gator ever captured in the Guadalupe Wildlife Management Area.

    Black Blade: Only ate gator a couple times - not bad at all. Tastes just like chicken.
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    KFC? Extra crispy or standard? Biscuits and slaw? Need to know!

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    They caught a huge gator.. His gator girlfriend may have been in the A.O. and not be to happy with these guys.. Boat sinks, o.k.. Every man for himself. Because I would be the second man to walk on water since Moses..
    That is huge.
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    gator boots coming to a store near you --LOL!

    lots of boots , handbags, shoes and so ion in that 14 footer--

    4th will have to break out the big guns out there it MAY have brothers and sisters that are a bit Teed off right now--

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