I bought a very nice canoe used from a rental place many years ago. It had a few problems, ie damaged areas when I got it. The problems of buying a rental.. It was is a fiverglass canoe about 15-20 feet long. Winnona I believe was brand name.. I re-fiberglass patched the damaged areas.. way back when.. and I used it a lot. I think I have gotten my moneys worht out of it, but it has sat around.. in the last few years.. (dam city living) we'll I decided to fix her up again, and get back to using it.. I've got a little electric trolling motor and a deep cycle battery so it will help me grab some trout.. The aluminum cross struts finally corroded away and broke so I replaced them with some round wood...cross braces and glued screwed them together. I fiberglassed over the wood.. that make it very strong, the wood adds a bit of extra weight but being a fibeglass boat it is still a relatively easy one man carry. I plan on building removable boom to it so, I can use with my dogs with out tipping it over. I'm think about a home built boom, maybe out of 5 inch PVC pipe and end caps glued on..filled with expanding foam, I know cabela's has them for a couple hundred but building one might be more fun.. B2B