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    Quote Originally Posted by twa2471 View Post
    Pretty damn hard not to like a big plate of beer battered fillets and fry's with a good old Sam Adams to go with it ,,,, Oh Yah !!!!
    twa - true nothing like some beer battered fish and beer. I've just never got into ice fishing though. Now when the 'gills are on the beds come spring....
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    Good video Les. Looks like a blast I haven't ice fished in a few years. How long does that river keep frozen? I might need to make a trip..
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    Default Yes. For real..

    Quote Originally Posted by sniper69 View Post
    4th - All hell, my shirt isn't that big. LMAO

    As for the fishing where your at brother - seeing those bream and bass hitting pieces of frozen hotdog was definitely something one would have to see to believe.

    And for the syrup - you ought to open it. It is even good on ice cream. I buy at least a gallon of maple syrup every year from a place in VT. It is definitely worth it.
    Crappie are kind of fussy and some fish like mullet, talapia, will not hit hot dogs..
    I fish artificial like twa put in the video.. Catch and release..
    But the kids come here and fish off the dock.. I give them hot dogs for bait..
    I feed the bream and fish. So they hang around the dock, waiting for dinner.
    Telling yah, hot dogs. Just tip the hook with a piece. Bream, Bass, Catfish, War Mouth.
    Seems cheaper the hot dog, more they like it.
    Kids leave with buckets of fish.. Hot dogs, the magic bait.. Do not tell anyone, it is a secret..
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    Abukai08,, if you do decide to come up this way,,PM me and ya get a free guided trip on me. I'll take ya out to some of the "honey holes" we fish. Usually the ice is on till about mid march or so, depending on weather of course. Last year it was off a bit earlier due to warmer than normal weather. The best bite will be on for about the next month though. It's been a tough year so far, seems the barometric pressure has been all over the place and seems to have made things tougher this year. We'll have a blizzard one day ,,, and 2 days later it's 40 degrees,,,,WTF???? The monsters have been a bit tight lipped so far this year with all the goofy weather. I've got every piece of gear known to man so noone's got to worry about that part,, you'll be set there. Just good warm hunting cloths and warm waterproof boots is all you'll need. The invite is open.

    We have a couple tournaments coming up soon, the next one we'll have our kids clinic and we give away allot of prizes to the kids and give out one lifetime fishing license to one lucky kid that day, that's on the 23rd, and Mar 2nd.

    Seriously,, if any of you folks want to come to this area and try ice fishing out, get in touch, I'll fix ya right up as long as I don't have previous commitments with clients or tournaments. Hell I'll even put ya up and feed ya if you don't mind sleeping on a comfy sofa. It would be a good opportunity to meet some of you good folks that I get to talk to here. Plus ya get a free fishing trip out of it besides,, I always like to meet new folks, even though I feel I know some of you guys already from all the jawing we've done here.

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    Nothing in the world as fun as good hunting or fishing stuff...
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