If you purchaced a Auto-Ordnance M1 with a birch stock you can get it replaced with a BRAND New walnut stock for $46.00 if sent back to Kahr Arms. My M1 was received at Kahr 7/1/05, I shall get back within 10 days.

I'm curious to how it will look. BTW if you send it in with the metal handguard, they will send the metal one back.

So, it's your choice to mount either one.....Personally, I like it better with the Metal vented HG, but on the other hand it looks more authentic with the wood front HG.Here is a little history to why Kahr started selling there M1 .30 cal vcarbine with the birch stock. (just to cut corners and save money)

Well Boommmm. it back fired. #1 To many customers complained that the wood was to soft, I was one of them. When I held the fore stock and squeezed before shooting the stock would squeeze in some amd make a sqeakky sound, annoying. I called and found out the scoop. Sent my back...