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Thread: Would a FAL that used both inch and metric parts be an abortion of sorts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grendeljaeger
    If you can get a good trade and it's in good shape I don't think it's a bad rifle.
    I picked inch parts too add to my STG because of personal preference. I have an inch selector(modified with dremel), inch folding cocking handle and inch mag release. I also wanted the sand cuts on my bolt like the British (inch pattern) and Isreali (metric) but I bought a para bolt instead. None of these changes are permanent so I can't see how it hurts the value as long as you keep the originals. I don't believe any of these kit guns will be as valuable to collectors as preban guns built on receivers and parts from the same sources.
    I'm with this guy , parts is parts and thats a clean looking rifle . Looks like the guy thought it out , didn't just start globing crap on 'cause he could make it fit. I think it'll sit for a while waiting on 900 clams , but if you can horse trade him.......
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    Well I decided not to do the trade after all. I think in my case its just more financial smart. I offered up stuff that I could easily sell where as he obviously can't easily sell. In my situation I need stuff I can liquidate fast. I want a FAL but it will have to wait like many things.
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