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Thread: Need FAL Help to Buy Kit!

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    Default Need FAL Help to Buy Kit!

    I noticed that a lot you guys have FALs and wanted to try building one too. I saw the R1 for sale and the IMBEL FAL for sale. The R1's are cheaper in price and well used. The IMBEL's are more and in better shape. It appears that a lot of people on this thread favor the R1 even if they are more worn. I could use your help on deciding which to buy. Is one better then the other or has a shorter barrel? Should I get the bi-pod cut barrel? I guess you can tell I don't know a lot about them yet. Thanks

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    I actually prefer the Imbel. It's metric pattern and I think a superior firearm. Much easier to come by metric pattern stuff. As for the bi-pod, I took the one off of my STG-58. It made it a real porker, also bobbed the barrel back to 17.5 inches and re-threaded for the flash hider. Made for a fairly compact, weight managable rifle.

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    Nothing at all wrong with the Imbels, they are licensed copies of the Belgian 50:00.

    The R1 just has a lot of history.

    Personally, if the Imbel had the better barrel, I'd go that way, no question at all.
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