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    Default Thinking About a G3 Build

    I know that the FAL topic has been well discussed lately, but I'm thinking the G3 is a different animal? I see that IO has some nice wood furniture kits that I could get by selling off one of my AMD-65 kits. What kind of receivers are available, and is this build realistic? I know I could buy a century CETME, but is there an advantage to a G3 kit and buying a nice receiver? I'd appreciate the input.

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    The G3 is a great build. It was my first home build. It shoots great and mags are only a few bucks each. There is very little work to build the G3. Just a little bit of welding on thin sheet metal. If you can't weld thin sheet metal you should get someone who can weld to help you. The best receiver hands down is the JLD receiver that POF sells. They are out of stock right now, but I would buy the parts kit now and wait for the receiver to be available again soon.
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    You can buy a century for for about the same if not less than a home built. These guns arent like building AKs. And there is more to it than "just a little welding" (Why do you think Century screwed so many up?) But you would have something to take pride in as your own work. I cant weld, and I wouldnt trust anyone to just weld it up. But if you know the rifle and can weld, go for it. Otherwise, just wait for a deal to come along. I got my Cetme with wide black forarm, G3 recoil buffer, several buttstocks(wood G3, Black polymer, Tapco T6), about 20 mags, and 220 rounds of ammo for $450.

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